The Marvel of Balfour
“His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people…”
The Balfour Declaration

In 1896, the Jewish people were scattered throughout the world, bitterly persecuted in Czarist Russia, seemingly without any escape from a stateless, oppressed reality.

Within 20 years, they had a global body dedicated to their political emancipation and had achieved the unimaginable – the sanction of their political aspirations by the world’s superpower – the United Kingdom – and shortly afterwards by a united international body.

How did this remarkable revolution occur? How did a wandering journalist create a powerful political machine in a mere 7 years? How did that movement survive its founder’s premature death and establish an international network of supporters which worked tirelessly for international recognition? How did the cogs of history mesh for a brief moment, prompting the world’s powers to sanction the creation of a Jewish State? How did the Zionist dream survive the machinations and intrigues of the British Foreign Office and the interests of European colonial powers?

Why were so many Jewish leaders opposed to the declaration and how did it come to be?

This year, the 100th anniversary of the issuing of the Balfour Declaration, join the Academy and Rabbi Ramon Widmonte for an odyssey into one of the most unlikely events in modern history – the recreation of the Jewish State after 2000 years of silence. Page through recently released documentation and sail the seas of international intrigue and avarice; grasp its impact on Jews and Arabs alike and meet the heroes of Jewish history who made it possible. Because an event and course like this, only happens once every 2000 years. Join us!

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