6 Days in June
“The temple mount is in our hands!”
Motta Gur

Jews have always longed for a return to Jerusalem. The part of the city where battles have been waged for millennia, finally returns, undivided - to form the eternal capital of the State of Israel. From the collective personal experience of the paratroopers who stormed the old city, to the relief experienced of a return, once again to the holy site of the Kotel, the miraculous story of the 6 day war engages us in its alacrity, precision and wonder.

Today’s open and undivided Jerusalem, seems common and natural but to a recent generation the battle was fought daily and collectively so that Jerusalem is now open to all.

Join the Academy and Rabbi Ramon Widmonte in partnership with Claremont Wynberg Hebrew Congregation, Constantia Shul, Camps Bay Shul & Phyllis Jowell School as we explore the history, strategy, tactics, politics, International Law, civil rights, spirituality and the people which gave birth to and flowed from the 6 Day War.

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