“War is the continuation of politics, by other means.”
Carl Von Clausewitz

In the depths of a den of political intrigue, caught in a web of deceit, violence and anti-Semitism, a young orphan must find her way. Torn between the warm refuge of traditional Torah values and the harsh demands of saving her people, a masked heroine is born.

But who is she, behind the veils? As Esther builds her own facades and mirages, what remains of sweet Hadassah?

Join Ronit Janet and the Academy in partnership with Yeshiva College & Emunah Ladies Beit Midrash as we weave our way through the pages of the Megillah of Esther, and navigate the hallways of the Persian Court to uncover the Tanach’s powerful presentation of life, greatness and survival in the Exile. Reflect on the literary value and the unique power that made Esther one of the greatest Jewish heroines. The course will explore the dramatic irony of the story and the presentation of female Torah leadership as well as an examination of the power plays behind each step.

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