Ethics of Eden
“The L-rd G-d, took the human being and placed him in the Garden of Eden, to work it and protect it.”
Genesis 2:15

G-d entrusted the earth to humankind. But every gift carries with it a responsibility of care.

Born into this world, humanity has learned to rule over all other life with almost complete dominance. Nature has served to enable the pursuits of the human species: whether supplying us with parchment and paper to record magnificent poetry or with fuel for rockets carrying our most ambitious dreams. Nature has given and the human being has achieved. But is this exploitation sustainable or ideal?

Utilising the guidance of Rabbi Soloveitchik, Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, Maimonides and modern scholars this six-part series will explore how we are to relate to nature’s incomprehensible beauty, animal welfare, nature conservation and our metaphysical roots as beings who emerged from the earth.

Join The Academy as we seek to understand humankind’s relationship to nature, the Earth and G-d. Ilana Stein, environmental conservationist and master Torah teacher, will explore the Jewish attitude to our natural environment.

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