Jersualem @ 50
“Jerusalem of Gold, of Copper and Light, for all your songs, I am a harp…”
Naomi Shemer, Yerushalayim Shel Zahav

For 2000 years, Jerusalem was more a myth than a mother. But all that changed in 1967. People world-wide can now walk her streets, hear her songs, marvel at her poetry, dig back into her history, meditate on her buildings and ruins and laugh in her alleyways.

The modules will cover, amongst others: Lovers of Jerusalem – the founding of the city under King David; the City of Justice?; Mystical Jerusalem; Jerusalem in Islam and Christianity.

Grab this opportunity to deepen your knowledge about this cornerstone of Jewish history, spirituality and identity. This year in Jerusalem!

Each module is stand-alone.

Join the Academy and our faculty in partnership with Waverley Shul, Pretoria Hebrew Congregation, WIZO & IUA UCF for a learning mosaic of Jerusalem, in celebration of Jerusalem at 50!

In partnership with Waverley Shul, Pretoria Hebrew Congregation, WIZO & IUA UCF

Waverley Shul, Pretoria Hebrew Congregation, WIZO & IUA UCF