Jersualem @ 50: Part 2
“The fairest of branches, the joy of the entire earth...”
Tehillim 48

Jerusalem is more than a place. It is the heart of spirituality and humanity, a concept and an ideal. In Part II of our course we’ll explore some of these aspects, from its place in other world religions to its concept as an ideal society filled with justice and righteousness; from its source of inspiration in modern architecture to its position in contemporary Jewish and environmental law; from its essence as the mystical eternal meeting point of human and divine to the practicalities of today.

Join the Academy faculty in exploring just six aspects:

  • Jerusalem in Christianity and Islam
  • Jerusalem – the ideal city and society
  • Jerusalem of Architecture
  • Green Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem in Contemporary Jewish Law
  • Mystical Jerusalem

Join the Academy in partnership with the Mizrachi Shul & the South African Zionist Federation, our faculty and guest lecturers for a learning, growing and reflecting mosaic of Jerusalem at 50.

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