Mystical Mindfulness
“Living Judaism is not meant to cut you off from the world around you. It is intended to keep you from getting cut off from the world within you. ”
Rabbi David Zeller z”L

Research into Mindfulness has expanded radically over the past few years.

When practiced in a consistent fashion, it has been demonstrated to have physical, emotional and mental health-promoting benefits. A kaleidoscope of individuals and groups all around the world are springing up, showcasing different forms of mindfulness practice. The movement is ever-growing as people seek more solid ways of finding balance and integration in a chaotic and deafening world.

Should it conjure up associations of sitting on a mat with incense burning in the lotus position? Can it be practiced as a Jew? What are some of the similarities between Judaism (especially through the lens of Jewish Mysticism or “Kaballah”) and the Eastern spiritual paths such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Sufism? Why do there seem to be so many striking parallels?

More importantly, could Judaism in its mystical and foundational roots, actually be one of the oldest (if not the oldest) of Mindfulness systems? Perhaps we have allowed ourselves to be cut off from a Jewish deeper focus, and thus encouraged the more formalised aspects of Jewish worship and ritual to dominate our horizons.

Join the Academy and Yochi Ress on an exciting, experiential and engaging journey of 4 sessions where we will explore all these questions. You may find that in doing so, you invigorate your Judaism and your life through an expanded vision, understanding and most importantly, a practical set of tools that will help you integrate all of the conceptual models and insights that you unlock during the workshop.

Highlights include a 20 minute “sound journey meditation” which is a unique system of teaching mindfulness which Yochi has developed over the last 6 years.

Discover the transformational power of conscious Torah text and ritual with the Academy.

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