Ezra & Nechemiah
“They shall beat their swords into ploughshares…”
Isaiah 2:4

Yeshayahu's famous lines frame the UN's raison d'etre, yet his reputation as prophet of peace and utopia is just one aspect of the man, his times and his messages to his people.

Isaiah and his fellow prophets sought meaning in the events of the time. They were prophets of social justice, railing against the oppression of rich over poor and strong over vulnerable. Isaiah reminds us that there is more to a relationship with God than sacrifices and rote.

Moreover, Isaiah was a prophet for his time - a time of flux, of empires falling and others, stronger and more powerful, rising. A time where Israel had the chance to change history and find meaning in the events through which they were living. In such challenging times, he brought a message of hope and the power of second chances, exhorting his people to rise up to the challenge.

Will we be able to rise to the challenge that Isaiah sets out for us?

Join Ilana Stein and the Academy in partnership with Emunah, in a year course of in-depth textual study, beit midrash style learning, to plumb the depths of Isaiah's prophecies, trace his gracious poetry, and examine the literary references which his words established. We will focus on both historical context, comparing his work with others in the Tanach, as well as learn from his words the eternal lessons and challenges that resonate across the ages.

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